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Cannonball Kelly Afternoons
Tim Kuda
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"CBK" or by his real name, Glenn Higbee, has been a radio guy for many years. CBK began his carrer in radio in High School and College but in wasn't until CBK joined the Navy that is radio career took off. For four years he was the number one jock on the USS Abraham Lincoln playing oldies music. CBK also had radio gigs with KGHP, Gig Harbor Washington, KGMZ Honolulu, KBEE, KODJ, and KDYL Salt Lake City. In 2008, CBK, along with Tim Kuda, created and developed CBKRadioland.com, an entertainment and variety podcast that is still being produced today, starring CBK. CBK has also ventured into audio fiction and is a working professional voiceover talent.
Cannonball Kelly Afternoons
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Cannonball Kelly
Tim Kuda
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